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Alcazaba and Roman Theatre Free Tour

There is a very good reason to visit the Alcazaba, and it has nothing to do with it 15,000 square meters of surface nor with the fact that it is the most visited monument in Malaga…


Fridays and Saturdays at 4:00 p.m.

Meeting point

Alcazabilla Street in front of to the glass pyramid.


1,5 hours approximately.


The tour will be in English.

The first thing you should know is that the Alcazaba and Roman Theatre Free Walking Tour is probably one of the most cultural activities you may do in Malaga.

Not because we say so. Travelers of all languages say it and…even the local people say so.

You will not find in Malaga a monument that generates so much fascination and ignorance at the same time.

The second thing is that on this Free Walking Tour, you will enter into a separate world within Malaga.

It is not just another filling activity or the ideal place where to take magnificent views of Malaga from. The walls that give life to this fortress are only the showcase. The real surprising in on the inside.

If you sign up for the Alcazaba and Roman Theatre Free Walking Tour you will invest your time in someone who knows how to make hundreds of travellers get fascinated with the stories that run through every corner of this Muslim fortification.

Civilizations come and go…

The stories stay…

In this Alcazaba and Roman Theatre we will talk about:

  • The clever defensive technique that would set today´s burglar alarms to shame.
  • How the Alcazaba became a residential neighbourhood in Malaga.
  • The prophecy of the petrified key at the Tower of Christ.
  • A 5-star town hall in the middle of Gibralfaro mountain.

And many more things…. on the Alcazaba and Roman Theatre Free Walking Tour of Malaga.

PS: you have all the information about our Free Walking Tour and the booking calendar in case you are interested bellow.

Summary of our Alcazaba and Roman Theatre Free Walking Tour

  • Roman Theatre

    One of the postcards of the city, without a doubt, is the view of the Roman Theater under the Imposing Alcazaba. We will tell you how important the theater was in our city, why the theater was not rehabilitated until the 1990s and how it has recovered its original function with the celebration of shows inside today. The Roman theater was in operation from the 1st century AD. until the 3rd century AD. and some of its parts were dismantled to build the Alcazaba.

    • Aduana´s Square

      Before getting into the matter, we will talk about the old Customs Palace, the 18th-century palace that today is the Malaga Museum with an impressive archeological and fine art collection. Throughout its history it has served for different purposes and has even served as a place for overnight stays for monarchs such as Isabel II and Alfonso XIII.

      • Reception of the Alcazaba

        Next we will enter the Alcazaba, specifically the visitor reception room. Inside you can see a model of the monumental complex Alcazaba-Gibralfaro´s castle where we will take advantage of to start telling you the first details about the Alcazaba.

        • Square Dome Tower

          This first access tower gets its name from the square dome it has. You can also see some marble columns that were brought from the ruins of the Roman Theater when the Alcazaba was built. Although it may seem strange to you but these types of acts were very common in the past to save on construction materials.

          • Gate of the Columns

            The next stop will take us to the Puerta de las Columnas, named like this for its four columns that support the arches that make up the door. The capitals of these columns also belong to the Roman Theater. In addition, we will explain under what circumstances the Alcazaba’s mayor moved to this place in the 18th century.

            • Christ Arch Tower

              Just before entering the tower we will explain to you what the small balcony that looks out over the door is for and why there is a key carved in stone on the first arch of the entrance. Inside you will see the niche that gives this place its name, as it was used to contain an altarpiece with a Christ when there was a chapel inside the tower.

              • Courtyard

                At our next stop we will be in a beautiful Hispano-Muslim style garden with views of the bay of Malaga. We will tell you why there are no original remains and what is believed to have happened in this place after the conquest by the Catholic Monarchs. It is possible that there was a chapel built on the remains of an old mosque.

                • Granada Quarters Door

                  Through this tower, we will reach the next level of the Alcazaba although before that we will explain how the Muslims used it to defend themselves from their attackers. The one you are going to see is a reconstruction of the original, of which only part of the arches and the lower part are preserved. We’ll tell you what happened to her.

                  • Water fountain courtyard

                    In the upper garden we will find the so-called Patio de Surtidores, a space where there were some water dispensers that through channels redirected the water from one source to another. This entire area was occupied by houses during the 19th century that were later demolished and one of the hidden treasures of the Alcazaba was found, such as a triple arch in one of the walls of these houses.

                    • Chambers of King Badis

                      Next, we will walk through the Taifa Palace, the part of the Alcazaba that served as the residence of King Badis and whose remains appeared during the restoration work on the fortress. You will see different pavilions and arcades with details of the caliphal art that was imitated at this time, as well as the Maldonado Tower, which served as a royal mosque and preserves columns with writings from the Koran on them.

                      • Nasrid Palaces

                        Then we will arrive at the Nasrid Palace, structured around two patios. One of them is the “Patio de los Naranjos”. In the Patio de la Alberca or “de los Arrayanes”, you can see the decorative pool that gives it its name, as well as remains of the original floor.

                        • Viewpoint

                          We will finish our free tour at the walkway-viewpoint located in the northwest part of the wall. From there you will see the city of Malaga including the Roman Theatre, a picture that is not easy to see from other locations. It was opened to the public in 2017 after hard restoration and cleaning work in the area, becoming one of the places in Malaga most visited by tourists.

                          • 17:30 End of the Alcazaba and Roman Theatre Free Walking Tour

Alcazaba and Roman Theatre Free Walking Tour

As you can see, throughout the hour and a half of the tour we will take you on a journey through the ten centuries of history of the Alcazaba of Malaga and the Roman Theatre.

Our official guides are experts in the history of the city so don’t hesitate to ask them anything you want to know throughout the guided tour.

Make your reservation now, we will be delighted to immerse you in the Islamic past of Malaga to complete your visit to the city.


How is the Alcazaba and Roman Theatre Free Walking Tour?

It is a step-by-step tour of the interior of the Alcazaba. With content to enjoy, discover and feel, really feel that you are taking away something that increases the value of your experience in Malaga.

How much should you tip on this free walking tour?

Tip what you want. There is no maximum amount or minimum amount. The only thing we can tell you is as soon as you enter the interior of the fortress, you will realize the importance of going with a guide.

Is there an entrance fee for the monument?

All visitors are required to purchase an entrance pass.

Normal rate: 3.50€

Reduced rate: 1.50€

  • Students
  • Over 65 years
  • Retired
  • Disabilities at least 33%
  • Unemployed.

Group rate: 2.50€

Is this guided tour of the Alcazaba accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Unfortunately, this free walking tour is not accessible for people in wheelchairs or those with mobility difficulties.

Do you have other free tours in Malaga?

Yes. We have another guided tour, the Free Walking Tour Malaga.

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