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About us

Hi there,

We summarize our work:

We know Malaga very well. And what we do here, is providing fun experiences to travelers who care about that.

Some travelers go on their own. Others, perhaps you, on the other hand, know that a guided tour can change their vision of the city (from a statue to a ceramic tile).

Stories, advices and anecdotes that enrich any experience. Well, that’s what we do.

We do not sell the best experience of your life. That’s not serious.

We are guides and in addition to guiding people through Malaga, we are dedicated in drawing images in people´s mind that connect emotionally with the places we show.

Why do we do it?

Because we love working in an outdoor office, full of sun and with the best views of the city.

Julio Hiraldo

Julio Hiraldo

Official Tourism Guide
Juan Manuel Garrido

Juan Manuel Garrido

Oficial Tourism Guide
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